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List of Clow Cards

List Of Clow Cards :-

The Arrow - Card fires arrows, appears in first movie.
The Big - When Sakura uses this card, she grows.
The Bubbles - Card makes soap bubbles
The Change - Card switches the minds of 2 people with their bodies. But the effect is only a 24
hour period.
The Cloud - Card can manipulate clouds.
The Create - Card appears like a book, a person write in it and the objects become a reality. The
reality only continues if the person keeps writing in the book.
The Dark - Card represents Yue. It is the opposite of light. Both dark and light are considered the
most powerful of the cards.
The Dash - Card can make user run short distances at a remarkable speed.
The Dream - Card allows you to have dreams that predict the future.
The Earthy - Card can create earthquakes. The last of the four elements and the most powerful of the four.
The Erase - Card makes things vanish .. forever if desired.
The Fight - Card makes the user a powerful fighter.
The Firey - Card is one of the 4 "elements of magic", and considered 2nd in power to Dark and Light.
The Float - Card makes people or objects lighter than a feather.
The Flower - Card makes flowers appear out of nowhere.
The Fly - Card puts wings on Sakura's wand and she can ride it like a magic broomstick. In 2nd
series, it takes a different form.
The Freeze - Card makes things extremely cold.
The Glow - Card makes small bits glowing in the air that appear like fireflies.
The Illusion - Card makes illusions that are not tangible nor with any other properties.
The Jump - Card allows Sakura to jump very high and far without injury.
The Libra - Card can tell if someone is lying or not.
The Light - One of the cards that represent Kerberos. Light can illuminate, but also in ways
represents the "force of light".
The Little - Card makes a person very small.
The Lock - Card can lock objects and rooms.
The Loop - Card warps space.
The Maze - Card forms a maze that is possible to be lost in forever.
The Mirror - Card can create an exact replica of Sakura, but it will have Mirror's personality. Mirrors is smart, and behaves like a real person when Sakura invokes it.
The Mist - Card corrodes/erodes anything it touches.
The Move - Card can move objects (even through walls!) for a short distance.
The Power - Card gives Sakura enormous strength.
The Rain - Card makes rain (of course.)
The Return - Card allows user to view an event in the past for a short while.
The Sand - Card manipulates sand.
The Shadow - Card can wrap itself around something like a shadow. Or also 'shadow' people,
meaning to follow them. Shadow can also be used to carry magic through transparent windows.
The Shield - Card forms a spherical shield that protects anyone inside it from magical/physical
attacks. - Can protect against sword card.
The Shot - Card forms fast-moving missile that chases the first person it sees.
The Silent - Card forcibly ejects one of a room if they make a single noise.
The Sleep - Card can put a large number of people asleep. It's useful to Sakura when she needs
to capture a card in public.
The Snow - Card snows.
The Song - Card repeats a song it hears.
The Storm - Card creates powerful storms.
The Sweet - Card makes things taste sweet. (Not every card of Clow is useful or powerful).
The Sword - Sakura's wand becomes a sword that can cut through basically anything.
The Through - Allows to pass through walls, but the thickness depends on magical power.
The Thunder - Card makes powerful lightning.
The Time - Card stops time, but takes quite a bit of energy to use it.
The Twin - Card can divide people and objects in two.
The Voice - Card can steal a person's voice for your use.
The Watery - Element of magic.
The Wave - Card can raise waves. 
The Windy - Element of magic.
The Wood - Card can create a number of vines that trap enemies.

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