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Cardcaptor Sakura

List of characters :-
Name: Sakura Kinomoto
Birthday: April 1
Blood Type: A
Favorite Subject: Physical Education, Music
Least Favorite: Math
Activities: Cheerleading
Favorite Color: Pink, White
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms
Favorite Food: Rice Omelet, Noodles
Least Favorite: Taro Root
Favorite Recipe: Pancakes
Wish List: A New School Bag

Sakura was just an average ten year old girl. She loves hanging out with her friends, doing cheerleading, and practicing her cooking. She is an excellent tumbler. From what we have seen she can do a standing back tuck and a round-off backhand spring full. Her best friend is Tomoyo Daidouji. She attends Tomoeda Elementry school. She lives with her dad, Fujitaka, and her brother, Touya. Her mother died when she was three years old, so she doesn't remember much about her, but she is always willing to learn more. She has a crush on her brother's best friend, Yukito Tsukishiro.

Storyline Role: Main Character
One day after cheerleading practice Sakura ventured over to the fridge for a snack. She started to hear strange noises coming from the basement. She thought it was a burglar so she took her baton and bravely went down the basement stairs. As she made her way through the bookcases she noticed a book she had seen in her dreams. She reached for it and opened it. She discovered the book was full of tarot cards. She took the top card and read its name– 'Windy'. Wooosh! A gust of wind swirled all of the cards into the air as Sakura tightly held onto the book and Windy Card. The wind stopped when they had all seemed to have disappeared. Finally, Kero woke up. (After 30 years of sleeping and not protecting the book!) When he began to talk, she gave him a confused look. 'A stuffed toy?' He got mad, but soon he explained himself to her. At first Sakura was frightened and scared when she found out that she was made "Cardcaptor." She actually tried to tell Kero that she would not do it because it was his fault in the first place! After all, he was supposed to be protecting the book, right? But if Sakura had denied her duty as Cardcaptor we wouldn't have this wonderful series, now would we?

Name: Syaoran Li
Birthday: July 13
Blood: O
Favorite Subject: Physical Education, Math
Least Favorite: Japanese
Activities: None
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Flower: Peonies
Favorite Food: Dim Sum, Chocolate
Least Favorite: Yam Jelly
Favorite Recipe: None
Wishlist: A magical book written by Clow Reed

Syaoran is good at karate, and can do a round off two. Syaoran is a descendant of Clow Reed, and uses the Lasin Board to find Clow Cards. Back in Hong Kong, Syaoran has a beautiful mother and four sisters.

Storyline Role: Meilin's Cousin/Clow Reed's Descendent
Syaoran Li was transferred to Tomoeda from Hong Kong when he found out the Clow Cards were set free. His mission was to become "Cardcaptor." When he first arrived he was mean to Sakura. He told her she wasn't good enough to be Cardcaptor, and tried to take her cards away. Syaoran developed a crush on Yukito, so he was her rival for the Clow Cards and for love! It took him a while to soften up and become her friend. Later on he developed a crush on Sakura when the Freeze card showed up during their ice skating field trip (Episode 33– Sakura's Cold Ice-Skating).

Name: Tomoyo Daidjouji
Birthday: September 3
Blood Type: A
Favorite Subject: Music, Japanese
Least Favorite: None
Activities: Choir
Favorite Color: Beige, White
Favorite Flower: Lily Magnolia, Cherry Blossoms
Favorite Food: Soba, Sushi
Least Favorite: Bell Peppers
Favorite Recipe: Any Italian Food
Wishlist: New Video Editing Equipment

Tomoyo makes all of Sakura's costumes. Tomoyo's mom (Sonomi) owns a big toy company. Tomoyo has female bodyguards. She was the person who suggested Cerberus be called 'Kero-chan.' She is in choir. She is observant and always knows who likes who.

Storyline Role: Sakura's Best Friend/Cousin
Tomoyo's first appearance occurs after Yukito tosses Sakura a piece of candy. Shortly after she appears near the lockers talking to Sakura about how cute she is. The next day Tomoyo comes to class with an interesting video that she wants Sakura to see. The video shows Sakura riding on the 'Fly
' transformed sealing wand in front of the moon with Kero flying beside her. As Sakura screamed from astonishment, Kero popped out of her backpack. Tomoyo immediately recognized him as the creature from her video. Sakura and Kero then explained everything to her. When Tomoyo found out Cerberus made Sakura "Cardcaptor" she decided to dedicate her time to filming Sakura catch every Clow Card. Tomoyo is always there for Sakura whether it is designing a costume or filming her catching the cards. Tomoyo also helps capture some cards, too!

Name: Kero
Birthday: Secret
Favorite Food: Sweets
Least Favorite: Hot and Spicy Foods
Favorite Pastime: Video Games
Favorite Color: Red and Orange
Favorite Tv Shows: Quiz Shows
Favorite Flower: Sunflowers
Wishlist: A new Video Game
Where I live: Sakura's room
True Form: Cerberus

He eats a lot. He loves to play video games. He tries to get Suppi to eat sweets.

Storyline Role: Guardian of the Clow Cards and Sakura
Our story begins with Sakura scattering the Clow Cards and Kero waking up after his 30 year nap. Upon waking from this nap Sakura called him a stuffed toy which mad him a little bit feisty. Once he found out that the Clow Cards had been scattered he made Sakura into the "Cardcaptor." Kero spends a lot of his time eating and playing video games while Sakura is at school, but when it comes time to catch a Clow Card he tells Sakura everything she needs to know in order to capture it.

Name: Cerberus
Master: Sakura Kinomoto
Symbol: Sun
Aspect: Light
Birthday: Secret
Eyes: Gold
Body: Orange-Gold
Magic: Western
Favorite Food: Sweet stuff
Favorite Thing: Anything noisy and fun
Least Favorite Thing: Anything sad
Temporary Form: Kero

He sits on Syaoran in Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card.

Storyline Role: Guardian of the Clow Cards and Sakura
Cerberus used to be the guardian of Clow Reed, but now he is the guardian of Sakura, his new master. Cerberus makes his first appearance in Episode 45 after Sakura captures the Earthy card. In order for Kero to be in this form, he needed Sakura to catch the Firey and Earthy card. Cerberus helps Sakura in the third season, but he is in his temporary form, Kero, more often.

Name: Yue
Master: Sakura Kinomoto
Birthday: Secret (Different from Yukito's)
Symbol: Moon
Aspect: Dark
Eyes: Violet-Silver
Hair: Silver
Magic: Eastern
Favorite Food: Doesn't eat
Favorite Thing: Sleeping
Least Favorite: Anything obnoxious
Temporary Form: Yukito Tsukishiro

He is the judge for the Final Judgement. He takes Touya's powers so Yukito won't disappear. He helps Syaoran realize that he likes Sakura.

Storyline Role: Judge of the Clow Cards/Sakura's Guardian
Yue doesn't eat like Kero does. He can remember everything that happens when he is in his false form. Yue helps Sakura in the third season and in the final battle (he versus Ruby Moon). Even though he knows Sakura is quite powerful he won't admit because he still misses Clow a lot. He seems unwelcoming and cold, but he is really sweet inside.

Name: Yukito Tsukishiro
Birthday: December 25
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Subject: Math
Least Favorite: None
Activities: None
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Flower: Primrose
Favorite Food: Anything
Least Favorite: None
Favorite Recipe: Curry Stew
Wishlist: A New Lunch Box
True Form: Yue

Yukito loves food. He's invited to join the basketball team. He is the false form of Yue.

Storyline Role: Touya's Best Friend/Sakura's Crush
Since Yukito is Touya's best friend he is around basically all the time. If you see Touya, Yukito will most likely be there. Every morning he waits for Touya so they can go to school together. However, Touya doesn't like to wait for Sakura. Once they reach Tomoeda Elementary, Yukito throws Sakura a candy. In Episode 3, he takes Sakura to the aquarium for snow cones. Since he is Sakura's crush you will see flowers around him ("Sakura vision"). You will also find him constantly eating. Yukito is very important to the storyline because he is loved by both Sakura and Touya.

Name: Meilin Li
Birthday: March 25
Blood Type: B
Favorite Subject: Music, Physical Education
Least Favorite: Japanese
Activities: None
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Flower: Lotus
Favorite Food: Peach Bun, Sesame Dumpling, Almond Pudding
Least Favorite: Jew's Ear (A type of tree fungus)
Favorite Recipe: Chinese Cuisine
Wishlist: New Clothes

Meilin competes whenever she gets the chance! In gym Meilin did a round-off back handspring into a front walkover. She fought the Fight card with her martial arts skills. She wants a one-two finish with Syaoran while running the marathon. (Unfortunately, she hurt her ankle and Syaoran had to carry her to the finish line.) She helped capture the Twin card too. She's ALL about Syaoran.

Storyline Role: Syaoran's Cousin/Supporting Character
Soon after Syaoran's transfer to Tomoeda, Meilin transfers too. (They are both from Hong Kong.) When Meilin first transferred she was Sakura's rival because she believed Sakura was taking Syaoran away from her. Which is a problem because besides being Syaoran's cousin, she is also his "fiancĂ©." When Meilin and Syaoran were children she said that unless Syaoran finds someone else he loves, he has to marry her. Also, when they were younger they started martial arts together. Unlike Sakura's other friends Meilin knows about the Clow Cards. She actually purchased the Shot Card from Twin Bells. And even though she has no magical powers she tries to help Syaoran capture them. Later on in the show the rivalry ends between Meilin and Sakura because they become friends.

Name: Touya Kinomoto
Birthday: Februrary 29
Blood Type: O
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Least Favorite: None
Activities: Soccer
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Flower: Peach Blossoms
Favorite Food: Steak
Least Favorite: Fried Tofu
Favorite Recipe: Omelets
Wishlist: New Sneakers

Touya Kinomoto is in 11th grade. His best friend is Yukito. His mother taught him how to play a wonderful song on the piano. He is the only person allowed to tease Sakura. He used to be in love with Kaho Mizuki. He knows that part of Yukito isn't human (Yue) and that Kero isn't a stuffed animal. Touya gets mad when Yukito says he has a "sister complex."

Storyline Role: Sakura's Older Brother
Touya likes to tease Sakura by calling her "monster." He is the only one allowed to pick on her which is why he doesn't like Syaoran. One day he saw Syaoran picking on Sakura, so he hopped the fence to help her. He was able to get to Sakura so quickly because he attends Seijou High– the school right next to Sakura's. Sometimes Touya can be mean, but he can also be nice. Like Sakura, Touya has some magical powers. He has the ability to see ghosts and sense spirits. When Touya was ten and Sakura was three he would tell her about the ghosts he saw. This is the reason that Sakura doesn't like ghosts. However, there is one advantage to his powers– he can see Nadeshiko's spirit.

Name: Kaho Mizuki
Birthday: February 11
Occupation: Elementary School Teacher
Favorite Food: Wine
Least Favorite: Marshmallows
Favorite Thing: Walks
Favorite Color: Spring Green
Favorite Flower: Evening Primrose
Favorite Recipe: She can't make anything
Weakness: Finding her way
Hobby: Collecting antiques
Special Talent: She can't remember her way to save her life

Ms. Mizuki is Sakura's new teacher. She is first seen as a silhouette in Sakura's dream. She versus Yukito in an archery match. She teaches Sakura and her friends how to ice skate.

Storyline Role: Sakura's Teacher/Touya's Former Love/Eriol's Helper
Ms. Mizuki works at the Tsukimine Shrine because she is the daughter of the shrine's chief priest. One time Sakura was sucked into the shrine's tree by the Return Card. From this Sakura learns that when Touya was in 8th grade Ms. Mizuki was his student teacher. They ended up spending a lot of time with each other and falling in love. One year later, during the summer festival underneath the shrine's tree, Kaho told Touya that she had to study abroad and that she would return later. However, she also mentioned that he would be in love with someone else. Ms. Mizuki also helps Sakura and her friends escape from the Maze Card. She also returned the watch that Sakura lost while catching the Snow card. Ms. Mizuki's main reason for returning to Tomoeda was to give Sakura a second chance during the Final Judgement.

Name: Eriol Hiiragizawa
Birthday: March 23
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Subject: None
Least Favorite: None
Club: None
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms
Favorite Food: Sweets
Least Favorite: None
Favorite Recipe: Candy
Wishlist: It's a secret!

He created and is the master of Ruby Moon and Spinel Sun. When Eriol leaves, Clow's house is knocked down to put up an amusement park.

Storyline Role: Clow Reed's Reincarnation
Eriol transferred to Tomoeda from England during the third season. He came to Tomoeda to help Sakura by creating incidents where she would need to use and change her Clow Cards into Star Cards.

Name: Clow Reed
Birthday: Unknown
Occupation: Magician
Favorite Food: Sweet things, Wine
Least Favorite: Nothing in particular
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Flower: Cherry Blossoms
Recipe: All of them
Hobby: Surprises
Favorite Event: Anything fun
Favorite Thing: Anything unpredictable

Storyline Role: Creator of the Clow Cards
Before Clow Reed moved to Tomoeda he lived in England. Because his father was from England and his mother was from China, Clow Reed created the Clow Cards using western magic and eastern enchantments. This proves that Clow Reed was a powerful sorcerer since he, himself, created a completely new type of magic. He created 52 Clow Cards, containing positive auras, and 1 Clow Card containing a negative aura which was used to balance out all of the positive auras. Clow also created Cerberus and Yue, two guardians representing the sun and moon, to protect the Clow cards. They lived with Clow until he erased their memories. Besides being a powerful magician, Clow was also a successful fortune teller. That is why it is possible to use the Clow Cards to predict future events or assist in capturing another card.

Ruby Moon disguise form
Name: Ruby Moon
Master: Eriol Hiiragizawa
Birthday: Secret (Different from Nakuru's)
Symbol: Moon
Aspect: Light
Eyes: Dark Red
Hair: Red
Magic: Western
Favorite Food: Doesn't Eat
Favorite Thing: Being Annoying
Least Favorite: Boring Stuff
Temporary Form: Nakura Akizuki

She resembles Yue.

Storyline Role: Eriol's Guardian
Ruby Moon was created by Eriol and serves as his guardian. It is she who fights Yue at the last battle when Sakura needs to transform the Light and Dark Cards in order to save Tomoeda. Even though she acts like a villain, Ruby Moon really means no harm to Sakura and only wishes to help her transform her cards.

Spinel Sun disguise form (Suppi)
Name: Spinel Sun
Master: Eriol Hiiragizawa
Birthday: Secret
Symbol: Sun
Aspect: Dark
Eyes: Green
Body: Black
Magic: Eastern
Favorite Food: Spicy Stuff
Favorite Thing: Peace and Quiet
Least Favorite: Anything Noisy
Temporary Form: Suppi

He resembles Cerberus. He eats all of the sweets at the Tomoeda Candy Sale and Kero gets blamed for it.

Storyline Role: Eriol's Guardian
Spinel Sun was created alongside Ruby Moon in order to protect Eriol. Spinel Sun fights Cerberus at the final battle when Sakura needs to transform the Light and Dark Cards in order to save Tomoeda. Even though he seems like a villain, Spinel Sun means no harm to Sakura and only wishes to help her transform her cards.

Another biography :-

Name: Suppi
Birthday: Secret
Favorite Food: Spicy Stuff
Least Favorite: Sweet Stuff
Favorite Thing: Reading
Favorite Color: Black, Green
Favorite Books: Books on curses
Favorite Flower: Poppy
Wishlist: Peace and quiet
Residence: Eriol's house
True form: Spinel Sun

He lies about liking sweets. He thinks that Nakuru is annoying.

Storyline Role: Eriol's Guardian
Most of the time Suppi stays inside Eriol's house and reads the books left behind by Clow Reed. Even though Suppi seems like the quiet type there is another side to him. For example, when Suppi is around Kero he becomes really hyper because Kero makes him eat sweets!

List of Clow Cards

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